Friday, April 07, 2006

Local Art Media Links

*An Ithacan article describes an installation piece by artist Mary Zebell, literally tallying the costs in human life taken by various wars and natural distasters. I can't from the article how long its supposed to be up (permanently?), but apparently "its going to be constantly growing".

*In other Ithaca College art news, on April 13, there will be an opening reception for the "Senior Student Show". It will take place at IC's Handwerker Gallery. More information and events here.

*Ilana Papir, of the Cornell Daily Sun, has fairly straightforward review of the ParkeHarrison's "The Architects Brother". She stresses the ecological aspects of their work, which I think are a bit overplayed. Indeed, when I heard them talk about a week ago, they were pretty vague about the concrete political and ecological issues supposedly addressed in their work. The photographs are more on the order of fantasy and absurdist drama (which are all right by me). I hope to write more about all of this in the next few days.

Pretty slim pickings; can't more people around here write about the visual arts? Or if you do, and (you think) I don't know about it, let me know. Thanks.



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