Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Self Indulgence

It has come to my attention that there are people out there reading this site, some of you spending a good deal of time here. I appreciate that. Nevertheless, I often feel like I'm talking to myself (although I don't think that there is anything necessarily wrong with that). As I am currently at something of an impasse, I would appreciate any kind of feedback regarding the possible future direction(s) of this site. What is it this draws you here? What is it that bores you or makes you want to run away? Do any of you agree or diagree with anything that I'm saying? I spent a great deal of effort picking out the links on the right sidebar; does anybody find (any of) them as interesting as I do? My goals for this blog are ambitious (if only moderately so); I would like to reach out beyond whatever narrow social circles I would move in, constrained by earthly geometry and my own sloth. So if I could get such responses without direct solicitation, I won't have to bore any of you with posts like this one in the future. Thanks again.



Blogger Bekka said...

In response to your post-- I somehow found your site through a link from another site though I no longer remember which one. I was drawn to you posting on landscapes-- mainly the image you posted (don't know if it is by you or someone else) but the posting as well. I am an artist myself and have just discovered blogs as a way to find a community of other artists and art enthusiasts around the country. Generally I am drawn to blogs that write about issues that people are working through in their own art, or what they observe in art around them. When I was in art school my professor warned that outside of school there would be no community and nobody to talk to about art. But I'm finding the internet is a great way fill that void. More personally, I was drawn to your landscape post becuase I have done landscapes in the past (with mixed results) and somehow the image you posted made me rethink my approach. I guess I felt I had been hitting a wall with some of my work and sometimes it takes one image to get rid of that tunnel vision that sometimes comes along with being so wrapped up in your own work.

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

am an abstract painter living in elmira, ny ( where ?) and am starving for intellectual discourse on painting in particular. have "done" almost all the blogs at one point or another. at the moment you are in my "favorites".
some blogs are just too trite and of course soon become boring.
others try to be an end-all, know it all.
yes i've checked out your links - thank you. maybe a hint would be that edwardwinklemen and artnet are at the top of my list. i could list more but i'll just say that some of us are really starving here in these backwaters - surrounded by senior art classes where no one has a clue that it's postmodern now . . . thanks, deaner

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

have you ever checked out fallon and rosof's artblog about philadelphia galleries ?
Maybe you could do that for ithaca. the drawback to their blog is that the pics aren't thumbs and they're usually so bad they make the artwork look bad - which got kinda boring . . .

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Blogger arthur said...

Bekka, the image your refering to is by Josh Dorman. You can find links to more of his work in the same post. I should do a better job identifying the images I use.

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Blogger Tracy Helgeson said...

Hi Arthur, I can't recall how I found your blog, probably through someone else's. I spend a lot of time checking out the links on sidebars. I like your site for a few reasons. It's (almost) local for me and I know some of the artists and shows that you discuss. I also think you write well, and are easy to follow, unlike some of the art blogs, and you aren't afraid of criticising artist's work. As opposed to me who tries to keep it all happy, happy! I really enjoy this internet art community too, since working as an artist can be so isolating. I wish I had more comments on my blog as well, but my stats say people are visiting, so I just keep talking, not hard for me to do!

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some have relied on what they knew;
Others on simply being true.
What worked for them might work for you.

The trouble with answering questions of these kinds is that there are as many valid answers as there are people. Like some of the other commentators, I don't recall from where I first clicked on your site (though it probably was MAN); what keeps me coming, here or anywhere else? A clear style, someone writing about something that engages them. I'm less interested in simple polemic, though if done well, that's fun , too. I do like to read about what's happening in art in places distant to me that I wouldn't otherwise hear about, though that can be risky for the writer. Ideas, issues, a joke; all can be good.

Some people say that you should pick a topic and focus simply on it, be a specialist, a source. I could never do that. The same with sidebar links: there are those who feel links should be limited and selective, only including that which the site owner feels represent the top choices. My own sense is that I hate to feel badgered into putting a link up or guilty about taking it down, and that the sidebar at my site should be useful and pleasing to me first and foremost. If it doesn't have what I want, or does have what I don't want it to, that's a problem. For others, it's simply something to explore.

4:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crap! Last one was me. I can't get the hang of these blogger comment forms.

-JL (Modern Kicks)

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Blogger Magri├žo said...

greatings from portugal. well done

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