Friday, March 17, 2006

Artist's Statement

Here's an artist's statement (or perhaps a mere fragment of one) I wrote quite a while ago.
I create satellite's eye views of virtual landscapes. Accumulations of diverse and contradictory forms reference the complexity of modern day urban and suburban sprawl. Electronic, city-like grids conflict with painterly flooding and growth. Endlessly looping roads and passageways curve around and sometimes dead end into closed circular cells. Trees and buildings emerge from an abstract terrain and vines and wires connect disparate communities into a tenuous whole. Comic book speech balloons offer visions of new worlds yet to be constructed, questioning the distinction we make between our private visions and our shared experience of the physical world. These marks represent mazes and prisons, which can perhaps be altered or added to but from which escape is ultimately impossible. I intend to create a world in which this sense of confinement would be as interesting as possible.
More about my own art and other peoples' coming up, I promise.


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