Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Son of Small Worlds

Philip Guston, The Ledge

Gerry Bergstein, Mound#4

Rene Magritte, Castle in the Pyrenees

Sorry, I seem to have writer's block right now. I think its interesting that many (if not most) people would rather read about art than look at it, which isn't so great for blog purposes. Oh well, try to enjoy anyway.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's interesting to see where some of these clips came from. I notice that 'Castle in the Pyrenees' comes from an art class final exam a the University of Hong Kong

2:45 AM  
Blogger arthur said...

I thought it was interesting as well that the class was "Art and Physics". I haven't looked at the whole course site; Castle seems to be violating some of Newton's laws, but maybe there is a good reason for that. Incidentally, looking at my visitor stats, I think I know who anonymous is. Hi.

12:07 PM  
Blogger arthur said...

Castle seems to be violating some of Newton's laws

That is, assuming its floating and not falling. Strictly speaking, you can't tell from the picture.

12:20 PM  

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