Monday, December 03, 2007

stop. look. listen.

I have a review of the Johnson's big video-art show Stop. Look. Listen. up in the latest Big Red & Shiny. Mentioned favorably therein is the lovely Mircea Cantor video you see above, Deeparture (2005). Also in the show, recommended, and viewable online, are Ebb and Shelter for Daydreaming, both by Amy Jenkins. (Truth be told, the latter was not running properly during my visit.) The show runs through the 23rd of December.

UPDATE (12/13/07): In response to a since-deleted comment, let me clarify my description of Slater Bradley's Doppelganger Trilogy, which I agree was unclear and incomplete. The part of the three pop musicians (Ian Curtis, Kurt Cobain, and Michael Jackson) was played not by Bradley but by his look-alike "doppelganger" Ben Brock. The music included with the Curtis and Cobain pieces was taken from recordings by the original artists (Joy Division and Nirvana respectively). Apologies for any confusion.



Blogger Sunil said...

Thanks for pointing this out. I liked the video above and also your description of Ebb. Nice review.

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