Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I found these animations on YouTube while looking for dB's related material (see my brief mention of the band below, tenth paragraph). The video for their song "Big Brown Eyes" features animation by Emily Hubley. I like the song quite a bit but the visuals not so much. Further browsing of the nets revealed her to be the daughter of pioneering husband and wife animators Faith and John Hubley. (Her sister is is Yo La Tengo drummer Georgia.) I'm posting some of their stuff because it looks intriguing.

The couple married in 1955 and founded the collaborative Storyboard Studios the same year. As the top video suggests, they too worked with some of the most exiting musicians of their time. See also this entertaining outing with Dizzy Gillespie and cohorts. Faith continued making films after her husband's death in 1977 and the video below is one of these "solo" efforts. I like its synesthetic free-association and the drawing style, which reminds me of the underappreciated Romainian surrealist Victor Brauner (and Miro, more obviously). And yes, I have a taste for whimsy. Faith unfortunately passed away in 2001.

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