Monday, January 22, 2007


*On language and human color perception (via 3 Quarks Daily)

*The Johnson museum has a promising-looking list of spring exhibitions and some upcoming events. I'll be reviewing a pair of installations by Chinese expat artist Wenda Gu for the Times (look for it the first week of February). Natasha Pickowicz has a feature on Gu in the current edition; you can also find it here, along with an interview.

*I'll also be writing a round-up type review of local art shows associated with this year's Light in Winter. One of the shows, "Questioning The Great Divide: Me and Not-Me", has an interesting press-release/manifesto. We'll see if the art is any good, and if it lives up to the metaphysics.

*Buzz Spector's controversial book installation. I haven't seen the piece, but I've worked in a bookstore before and consider book stacking to a potential art-form. But perhaps I'm just decadent.

*GIANTmicrobes: While I normally refrain from posting anything here that reinforces our society's culture of consumerist hegemony, these are both cheeky and adorable. I've got myself a Dust Mite. One up for the culture industy.



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