Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Another review:
This year's Light in Winter festival - starting on Friday the 26th and running all weekend - will feature a number of high profile performing artists, widespread in origin and fame, including the Pilobolus Dance Theatre and the Bang on a Can All-Stars. By comparison, the associated visual art shows look to be low-key affairs. Most will feature local artists. Even those with a wider scope - such as the Ink Shop's upcoming "Microprints" - will fill modest downtown venues.

"Joining Forces", at the State of the Art Gallery, is the first of these shows to come up (the others open on the 26th). Most of the work is by members, and most members have contributed. Following the theme of LiW, the show aims to join together the "forces" of art and science. This is both a curse and a blessing, as regular followers of the State's group shows might guess. Only a few of the members appear to have done unusual work specifically for the show. But the idea of the show does help bring out some interesting connections between artists. More helpful is work by new (to the gallery) artists with explicitly science-related projects. Unfortunately, much of the work in the show is harmed (to a greater or lesser degree) by strained efforts to match the theme.
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Blogger Steppen Wolf said...

Just ran into your blog. Very good reading and I enjoyed it.
I have you bookmarked.

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Blogger arthur said...

Thanks Sunil. Your blog--and especially that artificial retina thing--looks interesting too.

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