Sunday, October 22, 2006

what goes on

I'm writing my Private Eye review for the Times right now (due tommorow morning, but hey, the show just opened yesterday!), so the big, thoughtful essay-like posts I know I have in me will have to wait a while. Thanks for understanding.

(The above image is of Man Ray's Cadeau, aversion of which appears in "Eye". This image is "courtesy" The Ontological Museum.

Much of what I posted under my "echo" series merits further elaboration; let me know if you have any ideas or just want to express enthusiasm for a topic. The "long zoom" topic is of particular interest to me, my scientific ignorance notwithstanding (hi Barbara!). It seems like some bridges need to be made between the (pop) scientific discourse and the contemporary art discourse. Someone else out there is no doubt much more qualified than (The Thinking) I. Barbara? Steven?

Over the last two weekends, I've been doing volunteer work at Ithaca's famous Friends of the Library Booksale, which is "one of the three largest" in the nation, according to their website. I've been sorting and straightening out books, a great passion of mine (believe it or not). Sections such as "Art", "Communications", and "Sociology" were relatively neat last time I checked. Alas, sections such as "Military History" and "Thrillers" are probably doomed.

I'm going try to see all the Ithaca art I can this week. John Hartell, who designed my parent's house--where I'm currently doing time and where Vladimir Nabokov did so in the past (really!)--has a show of painting and other work at the Upstairs Gallery. Gimme Coffee on Cayuga has--along with some really tasty espresso--a show of gelantinous looking sculpture and other work based on some kind of esoteric philosophy-theology involving the notion of "zoltophy" (anybody know about this?). Ernst Schoen-Rene is the artist's name. My caffeine addiction will be driving me back shortly. The Johnson has a Polaroid show and a show of Daoist art that I've barely glanced at and the Ink Shop has a print exchange with works from Toronto. I'm sure there is more out there.

I'm also planning a trip out to Boston early next week. As I've mentioned in various places, I'll be reviewing the work of Gerry Bergstein, my former SMFA instructor. Did anybody go to the opening or the talk? What else is going on in town? More on my plans later in the week.

I'm going to try blogging every day this week.

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