Monday, May 01, 2006

Not Fade Away

I've been sickso I don't want to go overboard with the apologizingbut I know I haven't been posting as much as I'd like to. So, to emphasze to you all that I still exist, let me put out some small trifles. More substantial posting will return soon, I hope. (At least I don't take three and half months off like some people do.)

*Thanks in large part to this blog, I've got a paid writing gig at the local alt-weekly. My first piece, a review of the show INTER ACT ION, will appear on May 10th (Wednesday of next week, that is). I'll link to the online version here. A preview: while the show has some interesting art in it, it's also uneven and diffuse, and the theme of interactivity isn't as well realized as it could have been.

* The new edition of the Boston-based Big RED & Shiny has a list of "Our Favorite Blogs", which happily includes The Thinking Eye. The blurb states that I am "quite eloquent with (my) theory" and that I produce "smart and provocative writing." Thanks. The rest of the list combines seemingly obvious choices with the seemingly idiosyncratic ones (much like my own blogroll, I suppose).

*The Johnson Museum has a fascinating exhibit entitled "The Novel Picture: Interactions Between Text and Image". It was curated by Cornell's
History of Art Majors’ Society and will be up through June 11.
Ilana Papir has an awkwardly (over)written review in the Daily Sun. It isn't exactly her best work, and seeing Cornell students write so uncritically about the work of their classmates feels a bit insular and smug to me. I hope to offer my own outsider perspective soon. More information about the show here.

My favorite pieces from the eclectic show were extracts (I believe they were lithographs) from Tom Phillips' classic altered-book A HUMUMENT. You can see the whole thing online here, but of course it isn't the same. I love his graphic sensibility.



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Congratulations on your new writing job. It's inspiring to hear of real things coming from the internet.

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