Friday, July 30, 2010


I've been remiss in not mentioning here the art reviews that I've been writing for the Ithaca Post. The Post is a new online publication focusing on the local (Ithaca-area) scene. It publishes more or less daily articles on a variety of subjects; headings include Art, Culture, Film, Food, Literature, Music, and Stage.

The Post is the brainchild of the indefatigable Luke Fenchel, who might be responsible for a quarter (or more) of our local arts coverage. This is in addition to his many other contributions to local culture, popular music in particular.

I have also had the pleasure of working with the literary-minded Danielle Winterton as my editor. She has been very responsive and critical with my writing
something that has been a pleasure to have. Danielle is also co-edits the online literary journal Essays and Fictions, which is based both here and in New York City.

An archive of my work is posted on the right sidebar. Pieces I would like to emphasize here
though unfortunately no longer timely are a review of a two-person photography show featuring Steve Poleskie and J. Robert Lennon and one of the Ink Shop's recent 10 year anniversary show. More to come.


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