Thursday, December 04, 2008


I'm not ordinarily in the business of using this space to announce shows or events. But there are an inordinately large number of things going on this month — many of them taking place in and around the Ithaca Commons (quite literally my front yard) — so it seems remiss not to say anything.

The official Gallery Night website has listings here. These shows are all downtown and have openings tomorrow night from 5 to 8pm. I anticipate the following highlights. The Ink Shop is showing "Fine Edge: 9 Intaglio Artists"; I previewed some of the work yesterday and it looked quite good. The artists: Steven Barbash, Zevi Blum, Ladislav Hanka, Kumi Korf, Nancy Lasar, Elisabeth Meyer, Tim Merrick, Gillian Pederson-Krag, and Masha Ryskin. Ithaca Fine Chocolates is having their yearly December art and candy sale. Artists of note include Erica Pollock and Sharon Horvath whose lovely, intricate work is a personal favorite. Both shows feature local and non-local artists.

The State of the Art Gallery and the Community School of Music and Arts are showing work from outside their customary bases. The SOAG show is invitational while the CSMA one comes from open submissions. These events are generally like playing the lottery: undpredictable but potentially renumerative.

Ithaca has a new group visual arts blog, The Switchboard. Their interest is in promoting the emergence of an edgy "young art" scene. To that end, they have a post up listing some more alternative activities. These include a night of video art being held at Sfumato following Gallery Night from 8 to 11pm and a four day weekend "Temp Space" show of art and performance, which begins today. Please see this post to learn more.


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